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Replica Rolex Datejust’s full-white gold models

While the Day-Date has traditionally been available in both yellow and white gold, the Rolex Datejust’s full-white gold models are decidedly uncommon. At a glance, these solid 18k white gold Datejust watches look virtually indistinguishable from their stainless steel and white Rolesor counterparts. It is only through subtle visual cues – such as the lug covers and the fact that the Rolex fluted bezel is made only of solid gold – that the luxurious nature of these replica watches is revealed.
Is this a gamble? Well, every investment of this nature is to some degree, but the result of this investment is a truly magnificent watch with tremendous brand origins and a clear material advantage. It’s a sleeper hit, and it’s the epitome of “hidden wealth,” as only a hardcore Rolex fan would be likely to find out that your Datejust is made of 18k white gold rather than stainless steel. However, if this modern and luxurious choice makes sense to you, then the opportunity for appreciation is certainly real.
Material and status enhancements aside, another smart way to invest in a Rolex Datejust is to choose something artistic and rare. Rolex is incredibly creative when it comes to dials, although it is known as one of the most conservative brands in the industry when it comes to the production of novelties.
One of the ways Rolex keeps things fresh is by releasing dials in different colors or (less common) patterns, as a means of breathing new life into existing collections. In part because of the constant presence of Datejust in the brand’s catalog (since its first release in 1945), the collection has become the recipient of many creative (and sometimes unusual) dials over the years.
One of our favorite types of textured Rolex dials is the “linen” style, which the brand occasionally installs on its Datejust models. With a subtle crosshatch pattern that gives the surface a textile-like texture, Rolex linen dials don’t come up often on the secondary market (as opposed to their more traditional counterparts), but they’re certainly worth snapping up whenever they do.
When it comes to Rolex, the brand (more than the product) is the anchor of your investment. There are no guarantees, but by choosing a proven classic, a versatile and timeless beater, a precious metal timepiece, or a beautiful slice of the pie, you’re unlikely to go too far wrong. And perhaps the best return on these investments is the emotional journey you and your new fake watches online can enjoy together.