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Most Popular Rolex Daytona With Meteorite Dial

A new Daytona day is always an exciting day, and this one is no exception. Rolex has taken three of its gold replica Rolex Daytona and added a beautiful meteorite dial to them. These three configurations are.
From a technical standpoint, these are the same Daytonas you’ve known for years. the same 40mm yellow gold case, the same black ceramic or yellow gold bezel, the same 4130 movements, and the same Oyster strap or rubber-and-metal Oysterflex “bracelet”. These are all great things, and I’m glad Rolex didn’t tamper with the formula for success.
That said, the meteorite dial gives the watch a personality of its own. Rolex has been using meteorite dials for some time, and not too long ago you could buy the ref. 116509 Daytona with a meteorite dial, even though it was only offered in the less popular Roman numeral design. This is the first time we’ve seen a meteorite dial on a Daytona with a ceramic bezel, and it’s a perfect match for the watch. The black bezel adds some contrast and frame, bringing out the crystalline texture of the meteorite in the process. These three replica watches also join the Rolex Meteorite family with the Day-Date 40 and GMT-Master II.
Since we’re talking about Rolex, these watches are not technically limited editions, but you can bet everyone will have a years-long waiting list by the time you finish reading this sentence.
In general, I’m a huge fan of meteorite dials and these look absolutely stunning. Rolex has taken some of the hottest fake watches on the planet and managed to make them even more desirable and collectible.
There are many poetic reasons to love meteorite dials – the ability to wear something that is not of Earth, the long history of meteorites and the universe, and our relationship with time. In particular, I really like the white gold/Oysterflex model. It has a great visual impact and would look great on the wrist.
While I also like the monochromatic, low contrast vibe of the Diamond and Meteor Day-Date, these Daytonas have a strong look that I think works really well. The black subdial is very different from the black bezel of the white gold model. It’s hard to say how great this effect will be in person, but I can’t wait to see these three chronographs in person.