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Great Modern “Retro” Watches and the Historical Pieces

A sporty and elegant watch, it’s a great choice to wear on a stylish beach. And the alarm function ensures those night owls won’t forget their evening date. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s original watch, which debuted in 1965, also had an underwater alarm function. Three years later, a variant with a sporty design debuted. It was the inspiration for a new replica watch launched in 2018.
The Navitimer enjoys a cult status not only among pilots but also among its counterparts on Earth. Launched in 1952, the watch also represents an era in which growing air travel revolutionized travel. Numerous new versions without a slide rule or even a stopwatch function on the bezel debuted in 2018. But classic variants with both of these functions, such as the Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 46 (pictured), are still available for Breitling fans.
Thanks to the additional 24-hour hand and its corresponding rotating bezel, this Rolex model is the epitome of a traveler’s watch. The main hour hand was not individually adjusted until the GMT-Master II debuted in 1982. When the original model debuted in 1955, the two-hour hands were inseparable, which meant that if the wearer wanted the watch to show the time in the second zone, he had to turn the rotatable bezel until it matched the additional hour hand. Nicknamed the “Pepsi,” this coveted steel version with a blue-red bezel celebrates a comeback in 2018.
The shape of this instrument designed for professional divers can be traced directly back to the 1969 Oyster Prince Submariner, which pioneered the so-called “snowflake” hands, whose striking rectangular design ensures that the hour hand cannot be mistaken for a minute hand. Meanwhile, the luminous rectangle on the second hand advances steadily, giving the diver immediate assurance that his watch is still running in the dark depths. The Pelagos remains water-resistant to 500 meters, is equipped with a helium valve, and gives the diver a choice between a rubber strap and a titanium bracelet.
Rolex is clearly the most well-known of the world’s luxury watch brands. Even if you’ve never heard about replica Omega or Breitling, or even Patek Philippe, you’ve heard of it. Essentially, Rolex has two types of customers – those who know a lot about it and those who know very little about it. For them, the primary motivation is that if you’re going to wear a watch, it has to be a fake Rolex. That’s a huge compliment to the manufacturer – because if someone who knows nothing about watches also sees a particular brand as “number one”, then the company is doing something right.