After 18 incredible months we’re announcing today that the Not on the Wires project has come to an end.

Our aim was to bring you “The whole world, one story at a time,” using cutting-edge multimedia storytelling, and we’re proud of the work we did.

Alex and Marcus answering questions about Not on the Wires in a press conference in Uzbekistan

Both this ambitious topic – the world – and these ambitious methods, are quickly changing, and the future is full of ever more opportunities to explore both.

Even at these challenging times for both journalism and the world itself, we’re really excited about what the future holds and can’t wait to share with you our next plans and projects.

Some of the team on a social (July 2011)

New Projects

Our former editor and co-founder Dominique is now a digital producer at CNN, Creative director and co-founder Marcus Gilroy-Ware is planning a new digital storytelling platform, DeeperStories, Alex Wood, co-founder is launching Kikai, a lifestyle site in June, and current editor Emanuelle Degli Esposti is working towards the launch of a Middle-East focussed site.

Thank you

We’re grateful to our many wonderful contributors from across the world, and we’ll be leaving the site live as an archive of their work. It’s also been an honour to have been supported and encouraged by a wonderful worldwide community of more than 40,000 visitors who read, watched, critiqued and enjoyed this site.

The founding team gave a special address at DS10, which they organised to discuss multimedia storytelling.

We’d also like to thank the BBC College of Journalism, the British Council, the British Embassy, and our advisory board which included David Hayward of the BBC College of Journalism, Gary Younge of the Guardian, and Dr. Henrik Örnebring of the Centre for European Studies at Oxford University.

We started and we finish with the same idea:

Every crisis also involves an opportunity, and journalism is no exception.